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Themes related to bodily diversity, sexual orientation, and gender identity are increasingly present in the daily lives of professionals in educational (formal and non-formal), socio-educational, medico-social, medical, etc. fields. Emotional, sexual, and gender identities must now be integrated into our practices to carry out our missions within a compassionate framework.

The needs are varied, ranging from a better understanding of the LGBTIQ+ field to individual situations and supportive and respectful best practices for others.

In addition to a general training, we offer specific training in the following fields:

  • Youth

  • Precarity

  • Disability

  • Elderly individuals

  • International protection

  • Same-sex parenting

  • etc.

Our trainings are tailored to the audiences you encounter.



  • Acquire vocabulary and basic concepts related to the LGBTIQ+ acronym.

  • Understand current legislation and official recommendations.

  • Comprehend the needs, challenges, and issues faced by LGBTIQ+ individuals.

  • Familiarize oneself with the network of LGBTIQ+ resources for appropriate referrals.

Skills and Attitudes:

  • Identify situations within the LGBTIQ+ field and adjust one's stance accordingly.

  • Address the needs of LGBTIQ+ individuals (mental health, difficulties, etc.).

  • Build an institutional environment conducive to the development of LGBTIQ+ individuals while considering all stakeholders.

  • Recognize emotional and socio-educational implications in professional relationships.

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