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The G-Dads group is a support and empowerment group within the LGBTIQ+ Center CIGALE. It brings together gay fathers and future gay fathers. We provide advice, information, mutual support, and advocate for the interests of rainbow families.

Fathers and fathers to be, this group is for you. It brings together gay individuals, whether in a relationship or single, who have or want children. The G-Dads community gathers residents and cross-border workers, forming a support and empowerment group under the umbrella of the LGBTIQ+ Center CIGALE. We offer advice, mutual support, and share our experiences.

  • The path to parenthood is complex, even challenging.

  • Navigating parenthood encounters administrative obstacles, access to rights that may be fewer than those of "traditional" families, biases from those we interact with, and numerous social barriers.

  • G-Dads is also a group advocating for its members' interests, for gay parents and their children, and beyond that, for all rainbow families. Our expertise derived from our experiences gives us legitimacy to speak out publicly. We do so whenever we are affected.

  • G-Dads is also a social group where we come together to discuss, exchange ideas, have a good time, and let our children meet, get to know each other, play together, and recognize each other as children of rainbow families. G-Dads is also an empowerment group for the children. For all this, and even more, the G-Dads Community is here. Support and be supported, join us.


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