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Queer Community Empowerment Group hosted by Centre LGBTIQ+ Cigale. Everyone is welcome!​


Community that welcomes, supports, providesinformation, and mutual assistance for lesbian mothers and mothers-to-be.

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The G-Dads are a support and empowerment group within Centre LGBTIQ+ CIGALE. It brings together gay fathers and fathers to be. We provide advice, share information, support each other, and advocate for the interests of rainbow families.


The Lilies (Later in Life) group is a support and empowerment group within the Centre LGBTIQ+ CIGALE for individuals who have experienced, and / or are currently undergoing, or wish to explore a late-life coming-out.

We uphold confidentiality. Meetings are held every 3rd Friday of the month.


Le groupe sport est un groupe de soutien et d’empowerment du Centre LGBTIQ+ CIGALE.

Le groupe sport regroupe toutes les personnes de la communauté LGBTIQ+ souhaitant pratiquer un ou des sports dans un environnement safe, garanti par des séances collectives avec ses pairs.


The LGBTIQ+ Refugees Group is a support and empowerment group hosted and supported by Centre LGBTIQ+ CIGALE. It brings together every individual who is familiar with or has experienced the path of international protection : asylum seekers and beneficiaries, current or former.

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