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You are mothers, future mothers, or wish to be mothers, the L-Mums are here for you.


Our group reflects the richness and diversity of situations affecting mothers, whether single or in a relationship with another woman.

Among us, we have more than a dozen different nationalities. We are self-employed, employees of international companies, Luxembourgish civil servants, and some of us are legal professionals. We live together, some in civil partnerships or marriages. We have diverse backgrounds - growing up in Luxembourg or settling here several years ago or more recently. Beyond our varied experiences and paths, we share a common desire to be mothers, the wish to protect our partners and children, and the conviction that Luxembourg is the best place to establish our families.

We invite you to join us. Together, stronger, we support each other in accessing assisted reproduction (PMA), navigating administrative processes related to parenthood, and all the daily aspects of rainbow parenting.



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