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Demands of the Center LGBTIQ+ Cigale for the International Women's Day 2023 (JIF)

Centre LGBTIQ+ Cigale is an active member of the JIF Platform and signatory of the demands of the Feminist March which will take place on March 8, 2023 at 5:00 p.m. at Hamilius in Luxembourg City.

Here are the platform's demands for the year 2023:

The Center LGBTIQ+ Cigale has formulated additional demands for the LGBTIQ+ community:

We want...

... a roof over one's head!

"Are you roommates?"

"Sorry, the apartment is already taken."

When looking for housing as a queer couple, one may face inappropriate questions, refusals or hostile comments during the visit. It is at the discretion of the owners to give a lease or not.

After coming out, many LGBTIQ+ people find themselves in stressful situations with their families, excluded by loved ones, and unable to find new housing.

We demand:

- Emergency housing for LGBTIQ+ people of all ages who have been excluded from their families for various reasons;

- Housing for LGBTIQ+ refugees who do not feel comfortable / safe in specialized shelters;

- Emergency housing for LGBTIQ+ people in a precarious situation, who have lost their job or who have difficulty finding one because of structural discrimination

We want...

... a life without violence!

Structural violence is ubiquitous for LGBTIQ+ people, whether mobbing at work or school, microaggressions in public spaces like staring, comments, or physical violence.

In 2023, coming out is still fraught with consequences to consider. In particular, we risk being rejected by our families, our friends or our colleagues.

For LGBTIQ+ people, leaving their home is already a challenge in itself. For example, many trans women must assess the risks of going out in makeup and in dresses.

As members of the LGBTIQ+ community, we have to turn around three times before we kiss the person we want to kiss. We must always be aware of the world around us, ask ourselves if we have the strength to bear the looks and/or comments of others.

Non-binary people are still not recognized in Luxembourg. Only the options “Madam” or “Sir” are available on official documents. This lack of a third option further contributes to their invisibilization.

Our bodies belong to us and we are tired of justifying our choices and our identities in front of doctors, justice and anyone else who questions them.

We demand:

- A third option for non-binary and intersex people, recognized by law and present, among other things, on forms, identity cards and in government computer systems;

- access to medical care based on self-determination and respect for our experiences

- better protection against non-vital medical interventions and respect for the self-determination of intersex people;

- (better & mandatory) education on LGBTIQ+ topics

We want... to live on!

Queer and trans people very often do not have the same access to health, education and employment structures that allow them to live in dignity. They often find themselves in a situation of precariousness and isolation.

We demand:

- Financial aid for LGBTIQ+ people in precarious situations

- Support for the entire transition process for transgender people (hair removal, make-up to facilitate passing, gender-affirming underwear like binders or tucking underwear, voice training, etc.)

We want...

...more equality in our families!

Rainbow families still do not have the same rights as heteronormative families.

We demand:

- Automatic parentage to the non-carrier parent from the birth of the child, without the need to adopt. This must be open to unmarried couples

- Access to parental leave for the non-surrogate mother of a female couple should benefit from parental leave from the birth of the child, as is already the case for fathers in heterosexual couples

- Access to MAP for transgender parents as well as the correct transcription of the parent's gender in the child's birth certificate

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